Saturday, 15 October 2011

My Fish Curry

Serves 4 (or 2 with large appetites!)


1 tspn coriander seeds
1 tspn cumin seeds
1 tspn ground turmeric
2 tspn hot chilli powder
4-5 curry leaves
1 red chilli deseeded and chopped
1 onion, chopped
1 cm piece of ginger,grated
2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
Bunch fresh coriander, roughly chopped
450 ml coconut milk (tinned is fine)
400 g fresh king prawns (raw)
400 g monkfish tail, chopped into large chunks and bones removed


1. Place a wok on medium heat and once hot add the cumin and coriander seeds. Stir the seeds until their smell starts to waft. At this point, tip the seeds into a mortar and pestle and grind to a paste.
2. Add some sunflower or vegetable oil to the same wok (about a tablespoon). Once hot, add the onions, then the garlic, chopped chilli and grated ginger.
3. Fry for about 5 mins until the onions turn translucent, then add all the ground spices including the ground cumin and coriander seeds. Fry for a further 2 mins on a lower heat.
4. Add the coconut milk and 100 ml of water, heat slowly until it starts to simmer.
5. At this point add the fish and prawns along with the curry leaves.
6. Simmer until the prawns turn pink and the fish opaque (about 10-15 mins). Add the chopped coriander and serve in bowls along with basmati rice and lime wedges!

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